Our Conferences

2 x Venues in a tranquil garden setting.  Ideal for small to medium groups.  Inclusive of catering, stationary,
equipment and Wi-Fi. Secure off-street parking.  Contact us for a tailor-made quotation.

What is the main purpose of a conference?

A conference is a gathering of people with a common interest or background, with the purposes of allowing them to meet one another and to learn about and discuss issues, ideas and work that focus on a topic of mutual concern.

Why is it important to attend conferences?

A big reason for going to conferences is to meet with likeminded people and industry peers. Conferences bring together people from all different geographical areas who share a common discipline or field, and they are a great way to meet new people in your field.

What is a conference what are its objectives?

The conference is also a space for creating collaborative links between academics and professional practitioners and their workplaces, aiming at long-term sharing of knowledge and discussions of highly current issues.