The Perfect Conference Venue.

There are many elements to consider when organising a conference. Searching for that perfect venue for your next conference can be tricky, and it’s important you weigh up the pros and cons of each venue carefully before deciding where to put your venue budget.

When you imagine your next successful conference, how do you see the event unfolding?

Do you picture your delegates happily mingling and chatting enthusiastically in a spacious breakout area? The best conferences have great acoustics and video displays too, with compelling speakers bringing crowded sessions and super-engaged delegates. If you have a regular schedule of conferences, then return visitors are a must. Top of the agenda is surely running a successful, exciting conference that enables delegates to get as much out of the event as possible. We talk you through the most important features of a good conference venue.

Venue location:

Location is the first thing you should consider when selecting a conference venue.

If you do have delegates travelling a long way to reach the venue, the convenience of the location is particularly important. Choose a venue that’s close to a variety of accommodation and one where delegates can easily access amenities such as shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and cultural attractions. This is especially useful if the conference is over the course of a few days.

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